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I’m back!

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Whoa, 8 months after the last post – i apologise to all my three readers out there 😉

A short recap on what I’ve been doing and my opinion on some subjects debated here:

Boardgames: I still love them, but there’s a lull at the moment in our lunch breaks, when we usually played at least one game of one of the following: Ticket to Ride, Who Would Win?, 7 Wonders (awesome game!), and some more. Things will pick up, i’m sure, with new games and newfound boredom.

– Lua: even more awesome than I thought at first, just looking over it and reading the game list it’s been used on. I feel working with Lua really makes an inprovement on you as a designer, especially when working with programmers. I used it on my last project and made things much easier than before.

– Bobby Kotick : Hey dawg, I heard you had a big lawsuit and don’t(!) try to deflect by countersuing – in the industry, we know them corporate bigshots that sell their souls for profits. Just keep in mind that if West and Zampella get co-ownership of the Call of Duty franchise, your single big paycheck will be Blizzard. It maybe enough, but I have the feeling it’s not 😉

Design: still learning, still trying to be better at it. The journey has been fantastic so far and I look forward for some more! The last project i’ve worked on is one of the best games of my career (in case you were wondering, the picture on top of this article is a little hint ;). My next post will be about level design, so stay tuned.

See you after the break!




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08/04/2011 at 2:46 PM

I have a new addiction – boardgames!

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I recently played Munchkin, Cutthroat Caverns, Lifeboat and I enjoyed it very much. (Do card games like Munchkin count as board games?)

My favorite so far is Munchkin.

I love the flavour of the game, making fun of more “serious” games like D&D or Diablo-like games. Nothing beats “helping” out a friend with a Wandering Monster that will kill him and prevent him looting or winning the game, or using an Freezing Exploding potion to turn the fight in your favor, or using a Doppelganger to practically double yourself and defeat that difficult monster.

However, i’m more of a miniature games player; I’ve tried mostly Warhammer (both fantasy and 40k) and liked them both, also Mordheim and Tannhauser(which i think is a really a great game with excellent illustrations and minis), to name a few.

I’m recently hyped about Dust Tactics by Fantasy Flight Games – awesome artworks and design by artist Paolo Parente (he also did some Wizards of the Coast illustrations and comics and created the DUST world). Check out the trailer below:

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03/08/2010 at 8:29 AM