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How GearScore and achievements almost killed WoW (for me)

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Long time no post, been busy with various real life projects and getting a bit up to date with modern games (finished Batman: Arkham Asylum, playing Mass Effect, Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl and Bioshock on and off).

And yes, I’ve played a bit of WoW.

I almost quit it for good, almost switched for Age of Conan until Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out hopefully next spring, mostly because of the mindless grind of HCs and having no chance in getting in a 10-player raid because of requests like:

“ICC 10 normal, GS 5400, link achiev4/10, bring a brain, imba players needed,”etc and so on.

I’m not even talking about the “imba” and “bring a brain” standard fart talk that people usually use on the trade(!?) channel in the game capitals, ┬ábut the absurd (sometimes) GearScore requests that some pleople have. I remember one guy advertising he wanted a boost in Scarlet Monastery, but you needed at least GearScore 5000+ for the 10 gold he offered.


Scarlet Monastery is a 33-40 level instance and ANY level 80 character, with blue/green items can do that instance on his own, provided of course he doesn’t aggro the entire instance in a single go.

Yeah so having done no raid in my casual WoW gaming for several months, i decided to quit when a buddy said, come, join this guild, they’re raiding, they’re cool, friendly, etc.

So I joined, and the next day we make a 4900-5100 gearscore group for ICC 10 (with two people having 5600 and 5800 respectively) and we get the first four bosses in the first try, with a nice achievement at Saurfang to boot! We then wiped at Rotface and the other putrid-giant-thingie but mostly because the majority of players in the raid didn’t know anything about ICC except the Raid Leader’s tactics explained to us before each encounter.

There’s another thing the guild did for me – they didn’t get upset or leave when I tried to tank Pit Of Saron heroic in low-level epics and little experience in (paladin) tanking, but actually got through 4 wipes in the tunnels before i called it quits.

Yeah, if your WoW life sucks, maybe you should join or switch guilds – it worked( for me).

p.s. only 5 more days until i get CRUSADER, yeah baby!!


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01/07/2010 at 11:54 AM

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